Monday, April 4, 2016

Congruity no longer useful for configuring Logitech Harmony remotes on Linux?

I installed Congruity, which is a GUI that handles writing configurations to Logitech Harmony remotes from Linux, and then visited the Logitech Harmony website expecting to be able to configure my Logitech Harmony One with their website configuration tool.

Going to the Set Up page, I was able to find a section for my remote. However, Logitech now wants you to download desktop software called MyHarmony that is only available for Windows or Mac machines. Clicking on a box that says "Looking for the old sign in page?" brings up the following message:
Harmony has moved away from a website application and now leverages either the MyHarmony desktop software and/or Harmony smartphone app, depending on your remote. The website login has been phased out.

This was done to eliminate issues related to browser plug-in issues and increasing browser security policies. All existing account information still exists and is accessible by downloading and signing in to the new software.
So it looks like Congruity may no longer be of use since it is not possible to generate the Harmony remote configuration files from the website.

Therefore I am putting this configuration step off until I install my Windows 10 VM.  Didn't I say "goodbye to Windows 10" earlier? I meant I'm putting Windows 10 where it belongs. In a virtual machine.


  1. I'm able to install the Logitech Harmony Remote Software and run it with wine. Works well, but then won't update the remote. I'm wondering if there's a way to generate the Connectivity.EZHex file via the software?

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